Kya French



It’s vital that you know your numbers. Without numbers, how would you know the temperature? What time to be at work. The time of your appointment. Your financial budget? Your weight at birth?  How to numerate accurately? How to respect your time and others. Your bus or train schedule? What radio or TV frequency are you in tune too? Most of us don't realize how vitally important numbers are and their hidden, mystical meanings. Thus Numerology, an ancient African science that determines your purpose in life, along with your strengths and weakness thru metaphysical lens. Thru Numerology, you learn how to determine your best days, dates, months, and year.  Also, your best times to travel, to take a vacation; even start a business and more. No matter what, numbers by way of Numerology is a must to know. Your personal numbers are a guide to being at the right place at the right time, attracting positive and compatible energy. 



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