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I am Kya French, a professional Numerical Analyst. Born and nurtured in Detroit, MI under the Sun sign of Capricorn, with a life path number of 7, born on the 7th. I hold a BA in Organizational Management from the Forbes School of Business at Ashford University. Since early age, math, and creative writing were my favorite subjects of interest. I've always been drawn to Numerology and Astrology, along with the energy relationship connecting the Cosmos and people. Passionately, I now tap into my creative imagination and write Numerical DNA Patterns and Sequences for people and businesses. Coming into this world with intuitive knowledge and the gift of numbers. As a child, I had the amazing ability of remembering and associating people by their birthdays, license plates, phone numbers, and street addresses. As well as patterns and sequences of numbers associated with sacred geometry and numerology.  

I’ve made media appearances locally, nationally, and internationally, on shows such as: The “Bev Smith show” with radio host, Bev Smith, “The Voice of Reason” with host, Zo Williams, “The Joel Benjamin 528 Show” on YouTube, with host Joel Benjamin, and “The Breaking Dawn” morning TV show in Trinidad. I Lectured internationally in Trinidad and at Solar Powered Sundays in Detroit MI. Lectured at an all-day intensive Ascending Numerology Master class with Lloyd Strayhorn and King Simon in New York. Formerly, co-host on the” Should I Stay or Go” TV show, with World renowned Lloyd Strayhorn based in Trinidad on Synergy TV. Currently, the weekly horoscopes columnist for New York Amsterdam News.  


Also I’ve studied and mastered my craft under the personal tutelage of Astro-Numerologist and author, Lloyd Strayhorn, receiving a certification in Astro-Numerology. I consult with others who want to help themselves through the universal language of numbers. I love numbers 24-7, one is guaranteed to get the very best from my metaphysical talents.

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