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Your Life Path or destiny, is your purpose and mission in this life. It is your overall universal essence quest or journey. Your Life Path is what you came here to do, to create and fulfill. What you feel in your soul and your destiny for potential greatness. The Life Path is the lessons you’re here to learn over your life’s experience. It’s the cosmic energy behind who you truly are spiritually. Thus, the question at some point in your life, you’re likely to ask yourself: What is my purpose? Why am I here? Why me?  Now you know through the ancient science of Numerology. 


Your life path is determined from adding the sum total of your Month, Date and Year of birth. It’s the sum total of your Life Path numbers that determine what grade you’re in, in the “school of life”.  What lessons you’re here to learn to be successful along your journey of life.


 For example: May 7, 1975





       1987= 25 (2+5=7) 


This person Life Path is a 25/7


Life Path Lesson 1:       To be original, independent, confident and courageous


 Life Path Lesson 2:      To be loving, caring, sharing, peacemaker  


 Life Path Lesson 3       To be creative, positive, imaginative, expressive


 Life Path Lesson 4:      To be systematic, discipline, unique, organized


 Life Path Lesson 5:      To be freedom loving, multi-talented, adventurous

 Life Path Lesson 6:      To be a guide, protector, healer, teacher


Life Path Lesson 7:       To be knowledgeable, intuitive, spiritual, scientific


 Life Path Lesson 8:      To be pragmatic, business-like, steadfast, philosophical


Life Path Lesson 9:       To be courageous, a leader, motivational, universal


 Life Path Lesson 11:    To be visionary, exceptional, conceptual, fined-tuned 


 Life Path Lesson 22:    To be a Master Builder, a futurist, teacher, transformer.

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